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  • We service all types of customers:
    • Apartment complexes
    • Car dealerships
    • Factories
    • Hotels
    • Offices and Office buildings
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Retail stores
    • Schools
    • Tennis Clubs
    • Warehouses and many more
    • There is zero cost to your company. All we require is electric and a space to place the machines.
    • We do not require a contract! Unlike most of our competitors we rely on our service to keep our customers! This service has allowed us to service customers for many years. Some over 30 years!
    • Once you decide to go with Allegro we do the rest. We install our own modern vending machines with our own truck and our own staff, this way you have nothing to do or to worry about.
    • All employees wear company uniforms.
    • Healthy choices are now popular, we include them inside every machine so that you have a balance between healthy and standard snacks.  
    • We own the machines, so we service and repair all issues with the machines at no cost to you.
      • Our machines even monitor themselves remotely, It knows when the products are getting low, if it detects a problem it will let us know automatically.
      • Our drivers use handheld computers that plug into the machine and track every sale so we know what sells and what doesn't. We automatically switch up items that don't sell with new options.
    • We usually have a standard product mix for our snack and beverage machines, but we will place items you choose inside.
    • We make sure the machines are well-stocked with quality products and the quantities that your employees actually want ( Our drivers track this with their hand held computers).
    • We don't put multiple rows of the same items in machines unless there is a high demand for a particular item.
    • We service the machines automatically so that you never have to wonder when we are coming or call to let us know that the machines are empty.
    • We take requests, do you crave something that we don't have in the machines? Let us know so we can get it for you

    Healthy Options


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