Bottled Spring Water & Coolers

Bottled Spring Water

Allegro Refreshments has been delivering great tasting spring water to homes and business in New Jersey since 1992. 

We at Allegro care about the products we carry.  When we decided to distribute bottled water, we only wanted the best quality.  We didn't want to carry filtered water or processed water. That is why we distribute high quality Premium Spring Water - Acqua Bella Spring Water.

Unlike many of our competitors, Acqua Bella is Spring water and not purified water or purified tap water.  Remember if the label doesn't say spring water it is not spring water!

Acqua Bella Natural Spring Water is premium quality spring water that is available for delivery to your home or your office.

No spill water bottles

  • Every bottle has a handle for easy lifting.
  • Every bottle has a no spill cap that makes it easy to change the bottle without water spilling all over.
  • All 3 gallon and 5 gallon bottles are picked up and recycled for future use.
  • Coolers are available for both rental and purchase
  • Coolers available in the floor model or counter top
  • Available in  Cold, Ambient and cold &  Hot & Cold

Things to know:  Frequently Asked Questions about 
Bottled Water Delivery:

  • We automatically deliver a minimum of every four weeks.  If you need a delivery we will replace your empty botttles, if not we will just skip you.  There are no minimum bottles per month.
  • There are no contracts!
  • All employees wear company uniforms.
  • If you are a business or residential customer that requires a more frequent delivery we will automatically take care of that too.
  • We offer a reminder the day before your delivery day.
  • We give every customer a delivery calendar so there is no surprise.
  • No need to be home, you just leave your empty bottles outside and we will exchange them with full bottles and recycle the empty ones.
  • If you don't require a delivery no problem, we will see you the following month.
  • Yes we offer both a la carte delivery and monthly plans ( set number of bottles delivered each month).

   Spring water is available in the following sizes:
  • 3 Gallon bottle with handle and no spill cap
  • 5 Gallon bottle with handle and no spill cap
  • Cases of 6 - 1 gallon bottles
   Distilled water is available in the following sizes:
  • 3 Gallon bottles with handle and no spill cap
  • 5 Gallon bottles with handle and no spill cap
  • Cases of 6-1 Gallon bottles
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