Healthy Options

Healthy Options

In today's marketplace vending machines no longer have to provide just "junk food".  There are many options that are healthier and taste great!  Customers always think that healthy has to mean taste-less and be obscure brands.  This is no longer the case.

We at Allegro provide healthy options in our machines so that you have the option to decide what you want.  Healthy options are available for the snack machines as well as the beverage machines.

We carry about thirty items that are healthier, we automatically use these in the snack and beverage machines.  Items are always being added, below is a partial list.  Ask one of our consultants or a driver for an updated list.
Healthier items:

  • Bare Natural snacks- multiple varieties
  • Snackwells
  • Nutrigrain bars
  • Fig Newtons
  • Peanuts
  • Mr Nature Aloha mix
  • Mr Nature Energizer mix
  • Zoo Animal Crackers
  • Snyders mini pretzels
  • Pop Chips - Multiple varieties
  • Kettle corn Pop corn
  • Act II Light Popcorn
  • Sun Chips - Multiple Varieties
  • Nature Valley Granola bars
  • Nature Valley Fruit & Nut bar
  • Aloe Gloe - Organic Aloe water
  • Aloe Gloe - Organic coconut water
  • Pure leaf- Unsweetened tea
  • Vitamin water - Multiple varieties
  • Honest Tea -Multiple varieties
  • Flavored waters
  • Many more

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