Bottle-less Water Coolers
Filtered Water Cooler -floor Model

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Bottle-less water coolers are a nice alternative to standard bottled water coolers.  

Which is your preference? We carry them both.  Available in a free standing floor model or a counter top model. 

Allegro can show you the benefits of both and let you make the educated decision. 

We stock various models of both room temperature and cold, hot and cold, and cold only in both floor models and counter top models.

No matter which type you decide to go with we offer a full service solution.  We routinely sanitize the coolers and automatically change water filters on the bottle-less coolers this way you have great tasting clean water when you want it.

  Acqua Bella Natural 
Spring Water
Acqua Bella Natural  Spring Water

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Allegro Refreshments has been a distributor of Acqua Bella Spring Water since early 1990 and can deliver this high quality spring water to your home or business.
   Acqua Bella Spring water is recognized by the National Sanitation Foundation as being one of Americas Premier spring waters. Certified as 100% natural spring water. The spring delivers water at 42°F year round, filtered under natural pressure through fine white sand and is completely sodium and chlorine free.

   Available in both 3 and 5 gallon no spill easy lift handles that will fit any cooler. We also carry 12oz, 16oz, 1 liter, and 6/ 1 gallon sizes to fit your needs.
 For customers that are on vitamin regiments we carry distilled water in both 5 gallon bottles and 6/1 gallon bottles

Rubi Micro-Cafe
Rubi Micro-Cafe

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The Rubi Micro-Café is a next generation hot drink kiosk that blends industry leading brew and dispense technology with a dynamic touchscreen interface for a premium branded coffee experience.

Each cup is made using whole beans ground and brewed on demand using a Swiss-made burr grinder and a piston-driven reverse French Press to extract maximum flavor and reduce bitterness. Rubi uses only premium quality 100% Arabica coffee beans, sustainably sourced and roasted to perfection.

 Break Room Supplies
Break Room Supplies

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How many companies do you have to call to have all of the products that you use in your break room replenished? We can help to stream line that process.

We stock everything from cups, creamers, sweeteners, napkins, snacks, candies.
Even oatmeal to bottled and can beverages even a full line of recycled products.

Send us your list of what you stock your office with from all of your suppliers and let us give you a competitive quote.

       Office Coffee Services
Office Coffee Service

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Great tasting coffee shouldn't require your employees to get in the car and drive down to the local coffee shop.

Well it doesn't have to be that way when you have Allegro customize your break room with state of the art coffee machines that can make great tasting coffee and coffee based beverages at the push of a button 24 hours a day.

We carry a variety of machines from whole bean to cup which grinds the beans when you chose your drink, to coffee pods and K-cups that are freshly made when you insert your choice of beverage.

Let one of our experts show you some great options and custom tailor a solution just for you.

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Hungry? Thirsty?  No matter what you are craving, we can help make sure that what you desire is stocked and convenient to purchase with state of the art modern equipment that is reliable.

We tailor vending services to fit the needs of your company.  We can service companies of all sizes, regardless if you have 25 employees or 250 employees.  Let one of our consultants help  customize a solution to your service needs.

We carry a large variety of machines and products to suit your needs.

Our state of the art machines have green technology like LED lighting to help save energy and the ability to accept credit/debit cards and even Apple pay and Google wallet.

Janitorial Supplies

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Allegro carries a wide variety of cleaning supplies for your cleaning staff as well as supplies to stock your bathrooms.  Choose standard supplies like bathroom tissues, toilet paper, hand towels and more.  We even stock products that are made with post consumer recycled contents.

Let us match or even suggest products that can help make keeping your office clean less of a chore.

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