What our customers say

"Joe is so thorough and reliable that I always know my deliveries are accurate." 

Karen H.

“They made the transition from our old provider painless, talk about true professionalism." 

Jillian K.

" My water deliveries come like clockwork, they come even when I forget. I couldn't be happier." 

Kelly K. 

" My driver always has a smile and is so pleasant to deal with." 

Michelle M. 

"When I met with lou he assured us that what we wanted was possible, They truly delivered too!

Janice B.

“ When I read that they didn't require contracts for service I was skeptical.  They were honest, we have their vending service and no contract! ”

Paul B. 

" The vending machine service is great, we have such a variety of items to choose from.  We even get new items to try." 

Elan G.

"They truly helped us out even though we thought our office was too small for pantry service"
Chris D.
“Whenever I need to call the office about my service, they are so nice and never rush me off the phone.”
Thomas S.

“We never thought that we could get enough variety of snacks to make our employees happy, but Allegro's plan and layout worked”

Mary F.

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