Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Service

Single Cup Coffee Brewers:
Tassimo T65 small office coffee brewer
Tassimo T65 office brewer
Keurig K3000SE High volume office brewer
Tassimo T300 Office Brewer
Tassimo T300 
High volume office brewer
Tassimo T300 Office Brewer
Cafe Valet: 
Personal home brewer
Cafe Valet Home brewer

Things to know: 
 Frequently Asked Questions
 about Office Coffee Service:

  • There are no contracts!  We rely on our service to keep our customers, we can't say the same for most of our competitors.
  • All employees wear company uniforms.
  • In most installations, we will install the water line that is required to provide water to the coffee machines.
  • No drain line is required.
  • We offer several types of machines:
    • Batch brew, pots, thermal brewers
    • Single cup, Bean to cup
    • Single cup, coffee pods
    • Single cup, Tassimo
  • We automatically schedule filter changes based on time and the volume of water being filtered.
  • We give every customer a calendar so there is no surprise of when we will come.
  • We provide a reminder of service several days prior to a technician visiting your company.
  • We sanitize the inside of the coffee machines, this helps keep the coffee tasting great.  After all coffee is 99% water.
  • If there is a mechanical issue with the coffee machines, just let us know we repair it free of charge.
 Bean to cup 
single cup coffee brewer
Mirador Single cup machine
single cup coffee brewer

Compagno Single cup coffee machine

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