E Port Credit Card Reader
Google Wallet
Apple Pay

Cashless Payment Systems:

Consumers are increasingly turning to cashless forms of payment due to its speed and convenience. Our machines give you the option of both cash and cashless so its easy to get what you want when you want it.

Our Cashless hardware gives our customers the options that they want, which include credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, NFC cards and even MORE loyalty payment options.

Its simple to use as well, simply choose which form of payment you would like to use.  Swipe your credit or debit card, wave your credit card enabled with a NFC chip in front of the reader or choose to use your phone.

Apple Pay and Android pay allow you to simply place your phone in front of the cashless terminal and the credit gets approved.

Machines are configured so you can choose to make more than one vend with simply one swipe of your card.  When you are done, simply hit the complete button and that's it.  Your beverage or snack is yours to enjoy.

Wireless machine monitoring

Wireless Monitoring:

We at Allegro know how important it is to have your vending machines up and running with the products you want most at all times.

Our Hi-tech vending machines comes complete with a critical feature – our remote, wireless monitoring system that allows for 24/7, real time monitoring of product sales, machine functioning and more.  With this important system, we are able to track closely which products need replenishment; whether the machine is functioning properly or needs to be serviced and which products are selling and which are not.

With this system, if a product isn’t selling, we will know and change it out for a different product that sells better.

Machine Service Alerts

Machine Service Alerts:

It's 5am and the snack machine in your break room is completing its automated self check,  it senses that motor that dispenses the Snickers bar may not be functioning at 100%.  The machine knows it needs help so it sends an automated alert to Allegro asking for help so that we can fix it before you even know its broken. 

The alert technology deployed in our Hi-tech vending machines monitors everything that is happening in the vending machine. If the temperature in a vending machine gets too high, a message is sent to us. If a coin gets jammed, we receive an alert. If a machine hasn't received bills in some time, we are notified that a possible problem might be occurring.

With this cutting-edge vending technology,  we are able to dispatch a technician to diagnose and fix a problem even before someone calls to report it. It is this commitment to service that we believe separates us from all other vending companies in the area.

handheld computers

Inventory Management:

We know that product selection in our machines is critical to making sure that we carry and stock the right variety of items to keep our customers appetites satiated. 

All of our route drivers use handheld computers that track everything that is happening at every machine that they service.  Each handheld is equipped with a bar code scanner and dexing technology, which allows them to download a summary of sales by product.

When the driver arrives to service the Hi-tech vending machines, they will plug in a cable that downloads historical sales information for each column from the machine.  The computer will then tell the driver what items need to be restocked and how many they need.  The computer will also tell them which items do not move.  This critical sales information will help us keep the items you buy the most always stocked and change out the items that don't sell.  Every item in every machine is tracked to be able to provide you with the best possible service.

L.E.D. Lighting

L E D Lighting:

We use LED light bulbs in our machines.  You ask why?  Here is some more information about why LED bulbs are better than fluorescent bulbs.

  • LED lamps consume up to 80% less energy and lasting up to 25x longer than traditional types of lighting.
  • LED lamps do not contain mercury or any other hazardous substances and do not emit IR or ultraviolet radiation.LED lamps emit less energy, last longer, and emit less heat compared with traditional types of lighting.
The benefits to our nation will be even more dramatic.  According to the United States Department of Energy, by 2030, solid-state lighting technology could potentially reduce national lighting electricity use by nearly one half—the annual equivalent to saving:
• 300 terawatt-hours
• $30 billion (in today’s dollars)
• Output of fifty 1,000-megawatt power plants
• Greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 40 million cars

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