Rubi Micro-cafe Coffee Machine

Rubi Micro-Cafe

Rubi Micro-Cafe
The Rubi Micro-Café is a next generation hot drink kiosk.

Rubi blends industry leading brew and dispense technology with a dynamic touchscreen interface for a premium branded coffee experience.

Rubi combines innovative technology with traditional brewing techniques to deliver great coffee. 
  • Your on-demand cup starts with fresh, premium-quality whole beans roasted to perfection. 
  • Rubi runs them through a Swiss-made burr grinder seconds before immersing them in filtered hot water for maximum freshness. 
  • The grounds are steeped in our French press style brew chamber at exactly the right temperature and duration to maximize flavor and reduce bitterness.
  •  Rubi then uses reverse-pressure technology to gently filter the coffee from the grounds and into your cup. Enjoy

Consumers love the café-like experience, with a granite-style counter top and full beverage customization.
  •  Lids are kept clean and dispensed one at a time using a custom Lid Saver design. 
  • The cups are behind doors that open based on size selected.
  •  Customers can use their own coffee mug to reduce waste.
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